Sunday, October 7, 2012

Container drawer messy-ness!

Problem: I had accumulated quite a few containers over the years. Some were Ziplock brand, some were No Name, others Rubbermaid... which all meant none of them fit into each other properly. I was tired of looking at a disorganized drawer!


So many different types of containers and lids!

Looks so much better and more organized!
Cost of project:

I knew re-organizing this drawer and getting new containers would add up! I didn't actually keep track of all the containers I got since I got various packages of the Rubbermaid containers. I'm guessing I spent about $50 on containers (wow!), but I'm still happy I did it! These "Easy Find Lid" containers from Rubbermaid are amazing. The lids snap into each other so it's easy to keep them together!

Why I love this:

  • Even though I spent more than I wanted, I just love never running out of containers! 
  • This drawer looks great and it's so easy to maintain it since everything fits into each other just perfectly!

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