Sunday, September 30, 2012

A usable front entry closet!

Problem: A few years ago we put shelves in the closet thinking it would miraculously clear out our entry... unfortunately I was wrong! We didn't really determine what would go on each shelf, so they just accumulated junk, and that's how it stayed for a while. I wanted things to change!

Before and after photos:



What I did: 

  • Got rid of all the junk! Empty bags and backpacks went upstairs where we keep our suitcases... blankets were folded... gym stuff was brought downstairs.
  • I added an extra shelf so that we'd each have a shelf, and then we could use that bottom one to put mitts, hats, etc
  • Put all the mitts, hats, etc in a basket so they'd be contained
  • As obvious as it is for us to know which shelf belongs to who, I still want to add labels to the shelves so that it'll look even more organized :)

Project cost:
  • I already had everything, but I just had to buy a basket from Micheals for the bottom shelf ($7)

Why I love this:
  • I know this is a successful project since we're actually keeping up with it. 
  • Everyone's got their own space so there's no question as to what goes where.

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