Sunday, September 30, 2012

A usable front entry closet!

Problem: A few years ago we put shelves in the closet thinking it would miraculously clear out our entry... unfortunately I was wrong! We didn't really determine what would go on each shelf, so they just accumulated junk, and that's how it stayed for a while. I wanted things to change!

Before and after photos:



What I did: 

  • Got rid of all the junk! Empty bags and backpacks went upstairs where we keep our suitcases... blankets were folded... gym stuff was brought downstairs.
  • I added an extra shelf so that we'd each have a shelf, and then we could use that bottom one to put mitts, hats, etc
  • Put all the mitts, hats, etc in a basket so they'd be contained
  • As obvious as it is for us to know which shelf belongs to who, I still want to add labels to the shelves so that it'll look even more organized :)

Project cost:
  • I already had everything, but I just had to buy a basket from Micheals for the bottom shelf ($7)

Why I love this:
  • I know this is a successful project since we're actually keeping up with it. 
  • Everyone's got their own space so there's no question as to what goes where.

Organizing Memories!

Problem: In the last few years, I haven't been very consistent in the way I keep track of what we've done. Some years I write in wall calendars, other times I've used Google Calendars, and sometimes I just use photos of events to remember what I've done! I wanted a simple way to have it all in one spot!

Source of inspiration: Design Sponge

Project cost:
  • A drawer organizer to hold the recipe cards ($1 at the Dollar Tree)
  • 4 packs of recipe cards ($1 each at the Dollar Tree)
  • Date Stamp (borrowed one, so it was free!)

What I did: 

  • What definitely took the longest was gathering all the data of things that have happened in the last few years... If you decide to start fresh, then it would definitely save you lots of time since you can skip this step completely. I wanted to go back since the year I started going out with my husband. I went through my entire gmail calendar, my photos, some past emails, etc etc. I wanted to mark down all trips, events, concerts, weddings, etc. I made a huge spreadsheet on the computer with the months as headers, then each row was the day of the month. I just wrote the event in the cell, then put the year in brackets afterwards. 
  • Once that was all done, I stamped every single recipe card... from Jan 01 to Dec 31! Took a while but it just looks so clean and neat. I used one colour per month so that it'd be easy to know when a new month started.
  • Then the fun part was writing all the info on the cards... That part was really quick since I had done the dirty work and everything was on the spreadsheet. I just put the year, then wrote down whatever happened that day.
  • And there you have it... A Memory Drawer!!

Why I love this:
  • Now that the previous years are already done, it'll be easy to maintain daily
  • You never know what you'll see when you pick up a card... Could be something from last year, or 5 years ago! 
  • I know this would be easy to keep track of online, but I just love having physical cards to look at. There's something special with just picking a card at random and seeing all the things you've done on that specific day!
  • My memory is so bad, so this is a great way to remember the cool stuff I've done in my life :) 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cute way to organize kids books!

Problem: My one year old son is starting to add to his great collection of books, but I found they were too hidden in his bookshelf. I wanted a way to really display them!

Source of inspiration:

Before and After photos:


After - It's so nice to have all the books out!

Project cost:

  • 4 RIBBA Picture ledge from IKEA ($10 each)

Why I love this:
  • I think kids books should always be out in display! They are too cute to cram into a bookshelf!
  • It's so easy to quickly grab a book when you need one!

Monday, September 3, 2012

I finally love my pantry!

Problem: My pantry looked disorganized and I never knew where stuff went! It needed a revamp!

Before and After photos:

Before - Flour, Sugar, etc all still in their bags

After - In nice containers where they'll stay fresher!

Before - Doesn't look so neat!

After - Much better!
Project cost:

  • 6 medium sized baskets from Michaels @ $8 each (40% off!)
  • 2 small sized baskets from Michaels @ $4 each (40% off!)
  • Rubbermaid containers (4 containers for $20 + an extra one for $8)
  • Total cost: $84 - Definitely the most expensive project, but so worth it!

What I love: 
  • Everything has it's place and it's easy to know where to look for items!
  • It'll be much easier to keep clean!
  • My baking stuff will stay fresher!