Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cable chaos!

Problem: Cables, chargers and wires, oh my! Every gadget comes with at least one accessory, and until just recently this is how my "Cable Basket" looked like. It wasn't pretty, and everything was constantly wrapped around everything else! So frustrating!

Source of inspiration:

What I did: 

Bought a Memory Box from Micheals

Cut up some cardboard to use as dividers

The dividers in the box

Used wrapping paper and glued it on the cardboard dividers

Final product... labels and all! 

Cost of the project: A $2 Memory Box from Micheals... that's it!

Why I love this:
  • I actually know what's in each compartment so grabbing anything is super quick
  • No more tangles = No more frustrations :) 
  • I also love this cause it just looks nice and organized!

Finally, an organized walk-in closet!

Problem: Since I can remember, I've always had an issue keeping my clothes organized. My real problem was always figuring out what to do with clothes I would maybe wear once more before washing it. For those items, I didn't want to put them back with the rest of my never-worn clothes, and also didn't want to put them in the hamper right away in case I would wear it again. My solution was always to lay them on top of my personal laundry basket. This worked for a day or two, but then the side of the hamper would get too full, so I moved on to the floor. The closet would look reasonable at the beginning of the week, but by laundry day, this is the disaster that would wait for me... I'm not proud of this!

What I did: 

  • I went through everything I owned and divided everything into piles:
    • A summer pile that I put away in another dresser
    • Maternity clothes that I also put away in another dresser (not quite sure why it took me a year to get rid of this!)
    • A pile to give away to Salvation Army
    • A pile to sell on Kijiji (already made $25!)
  • I had also bought two little hanging closet organizers at the dollar store a few weeks prior. Once I got home I realized they were much smaller than I had thought, but this turned out to be perfect. I put both of them up, and this would now become my "worn-once" area. This would allow me to actually see what was there, unlike the arrangement I had before!
  • I also got rid of my personal hamper since all it did was allow me to pile up clothes. Now either clothes go in the hanging organizer, or it goes straight in the hamper.
Cost of the project:
  • I bought two hanging closet organizers which cost me about $4, but then I made $25 from the clothes I sold, so this project actually made me money :) 

What it looks like now:

Why I love this:

  • I am in love with how I've got everything organized! The hanging organizers are the perfect size. It's also a great spot for my pjs and comfy clothes when I come back from work.
  • While I cleaned my closet I found tons of pre-pregnancy clothes that I had forgotten I had. Basically it was a free shopping-spree! I even found a $20 bill in one of my pairs of pants that I hadn't worn in years!
  • Laundry day is so much easier now that I don't have to go through my huge pile to figure out what needs to be put away and what needs to be washed! What is in the hamper gets washed, everything else can stay where it is!
  • I love that whenever I organize my things, it motivates me husband to do the same :) He never wants "his side" to look messy, so he also got rid of lots of clothes he no longer wears! It's so much easier when everyone's on board!
  • I actually did this project a few weeks ago and it still looks this clean. This is how I know an organization project was a success! If it's natural to keep going, it means it's a good setup for you! 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Container drawer messy-ness!

Problem: I had accumulated quite a few containers over the years. Some were Ziplock brand, some were No Name, others Rubbermaid... which all meant none of them fit into each other properly. I was tired of looking at a disorganized drawer!


So many different types of containers and lids!

Looks so much better and more organized!
Cost of project:

I knew re-organizing this drawer and getting new containers would add up! I didn't actually keep track of all the containers I got since I got various packages of the Rubbermaid containers. I'm guessing I spent about $50 on containers (wow!), but I'm still happy I did it! These "Easy Find Lid" containers from Rubbermaid are amazing. The lids snap into each other so it's easy to keep them together!

Why I love this:

  • Even though I spent more than I wanted, I just love never running out of containers! 
  • This drawer looks great and it's so easy to maintain it since everything fits into each other just perfectly!