Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cable chaos!

Problem: Cables, chargers and wires, oh my! Every gadget comes with at least one accessory, and until just recently this is how my "Cable Basket" looked like. It wasn't pretty, and everything was constantly wrapped around everything else! So frustrating!

Source of inspiration:

What I did: 

Bought a Memory Box from Micheals

Cut up some cardboard to use as dividers

The dividers in the box

Used wrapping paper and glued it on the cardboard dividers

Final product... labels and all! 

Cost of the project: A $2 Memory Box from Micheals... that's it!

Why I love this:
  • I actually know what's in each compartment so grabbing anything is super quick
  • No more tangles = No more frustrations :) 
  • I also love this cause it just looks nice and organized!