Monday, September 3, 2012

I finally love my pantry!

Problem: My pantry looked disorganized and I never knew where stuff went! It needed a revamp!

Before and After photos:

Before - Flour, Sugar, etc all still in their bags

After - In nice containers where they'll stay fresher!

Before - Doesn't look so neat!

After - Much better!
Project cost:

  • 6 medium sized baskets from Michaels @ $8 each (40% off!)
  • 2 small sized baskets from Michaels @ $4 each (40% off!)
  • Rubbermaid containers (4 containers for $20 + an extra one for $8)
  • Total cost: $84 - Definitely the most expensive project, but so worth it!

What I love: 
  • Everything has it's place and it's easy to know where to look for items!
  • It'll be much easier to keep clean!
  • My baking stuff will stay fresher!

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