Saturday, August 18, 2012

Nice looking garbage can for the car!

Problem: I had a hard time keeping the door side pocket in my car clean! I had no garbage can in the car, so parking receipts, kleenex (ew!) and granola bar wrappers would end up in the door pocket. I had to find a solution... and Pinterest came to the rescue!

Website: BHG

Cost of the project:
  • A Dry Food Container from the Dollar Tree ($1.25)
  • Spray Paint (already had some, but vary from $5-10)
  • Roll of Sticky Wallpaper (already had some for another project, but got it at the Dollarama for $1)

What I did:
  • Spray painted the blue lid
  • Covered the clear part of the container with some sticky wallpaper - This was a little tricky since the container was a little rounded, but for a garbage can I was ok with the imperfections :)

Before and after photos of the garbage can:

Will look much nicer in the car!

Before and after photos of the car:

Parking receipts, to-do lists, etc etc!
I think this looks awesome!

Why I love this:

  • My car will stay much cleaner
  • It will be so quick to empty all the trash
  • Actually looks nice in there!

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